Hello Love,nobody said or designed a plan that’s workable to adopt in situation of love.There’s no love manual that would help us work on our issues- best per say.In circumstance that we fight,i tend to go on a factory default mode and the likelihood of me getting back better,always hang on the hope of my love towards you.Hope and love has since become my last resort- new normal.

For sure,we will always always fight but the two components(hope&love) tend to work magic on me.The drive to have you back always out way all factors against.The mere thought of us staying apart-drowns my heart indefinitely.

The love we have for each other-takes an out-look of a construction process.Th foundation is love-and its walls are made of trust.We got the love,trust is incomplete but for sure,it’s workable.Lets break the egoism and rebuild our weaker wall and build our “future home”-a house that we all dream of.For sure you’re worth fighting for.

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