Who says we are not in love, I fail to know,

Where ears attend to the mouths demand,

Hands in darkness feel and talk.

Darkness that hides winter,

While in God’s creation, – nakedness’,

Sugary saliva’s spits the whole truth.


For Monday is still Monday and Saturday remains,

Those Saturdays; where in rain parents would trace,

And glittering stars in a dark hall would tell the world,

with a stereo type call alien to non – experts and,

Yet an open dialogue to she and me.


That house besides the “Kosipe” main road sounds satanic,

for what it hides in history is a Misery, only God can tell.

As complains mount, less attention strikes the opp. Party,

But since its dark in our hearts, blindness knows no secret.

For as long as love exist-No barbaric acts would stop us.


If miraculously God appeared, in broad daylight my appearance would be,

Since as long as He sustain me, our love exists,

But because you are in the Air and Earth I dwell,

Love sticks and for this case who says we are not in love; I fail to know.

By Victor Odhiambo Otieno.