SOLVED: History Signature Assignment : ARTICLE ANALYSIS

History Signature Assignment
(Due: Tuesday, June 1, 2021)
Points Possible: 0 to 100 points

Students will analyze a historical article from HIST 1301. Students will compare two (2) opposing perspectives (questions) on a single issue (topic) by using newspaper articles from the time period to support their position.
Students will select one article from below that references a selected historical period covered in HIST 1301.
• Dying of Breast Cancer in the 1800s by Robert Shadle and James Olson
Question: Did Federalist Power Reduce or Increase Health Benefits after the Revolution?
• Proud to Be a Mill Girl by Doug Stewart
Question: Did the Industrial Revolution Provide More or Fewer Opportunities for Women?
The War That Never Goes Away by James McPherson
Question: Is the Civil War an Unresolvable Military Conflict in History?
The student will support the perspectives (questions) by locating newspaper primary source articles from the SJC Library 19th Century U.S. Newspaper Databases

  1. Describe in general the primary perspectives (question) that is debated.
    EXPLAINED: For example, you may analyze the importance of the question, how it is important to the culture, economics, political system, or social structure at the time. The student is expected to write a thesis that presents the main point(s) of the article or the author’s thesis/argument, as well as, provide supporting sentences how this thesis or argument is proved in the article. Basically, why is this question so very important?
  2. What is the main argument in each perspective?
    EXPLAINED: On what points do you agree with question or disagree?
  3. Analyze the evidence that is provided to support each thesis.
    EXPLAINED: What types of evidence do the author’s use to support their thesis? What specific historical evidence (i.e., historical sources/references/documentation) do the author’s use to support (justify) their argument? Does the evidence support the thesis?
    Explain why and how the newspaper article you selected support or do not support the argument in the reader’s viewpoint.
  4. How did the selected reading change the way in which you understood the subject?
  5. How are the issues presented in the reading still relevant to you today? Please explain how your personal background and life experiences might influence your perspective on this topic?
  6. Imagine that you have been asked to tackle a current national or global issue. How would you use the readings to help you do so?
    EXPLAINED: The student is expected to write a final, logical conclusion to the article possibly explaining how the historical question might impact the contemporary world or if the article changes your outlook on the historical issue. Remember, to focus on the existing article, question, and your position to make a logical, final concluding paragraph.
    B. Style
  7. Typewritten, Double-Spaced on Letter-size (8 1/2″ x 11″) Plain White Paper. Font Size must be Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman 12 point
  8. Length -500 to 1000 words (2 to 4 pages)
  9. Format – Put your name in the upper right hand corner.
  10. Students must cite their work using Chicago Manual of Style or its companion, Turabian: A Manual for Writers
    How to Turn In for Credit:
     Upload to Blackboard by 11pm, Tuesday, June 1, 2021
  11. Your Article Analysis assignment must be written in essay form. It should be arranged with a thesis paragraph (introduction), body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.
  12. Article Analysis assignments must be typed (black ink), be 500 to 1000 words or two to four pages in length, double-spaced, and one-inch margins. Use 12 point font size.
  13. The completed assignment will demonstrate collegiate-level usage of proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Please avoid typographical and spelling errors by using spell check and retyping the page. Do not merely make pen-and-ink editing corrections. NOTE: VISIT the SJC STUDENT SUCCESS CENTER tutors for assistance with Writing.
  14. DO NOT use ‘I, me, you, we, and us’ in formal writing. Avoid using herself, himself, themselves, etc… You may use the terminology “the reader” or “the student” to convey your argument, opinion, etc…
  15. DO NOT use contractions (ex. don’t, can’t, won’t, etc.). The appropriate uses of the words are do not, cannot, and will not.
  16. This is a formal paper so do not use creative, colorful writing styles.
  17. The Article Analysis assignment will require students to use quotations. There are a few basic rules to follow when quoting from the article and other source:
    A.) The quote must be part of your sentence, not just a stand-alone or block quote format.
    B.) Cite the quote according to Turabian: A Manual for Writers.
    C.) Use at least four (4) quotes in the completed assignment from the article. The quotes may come from the article, the newspaper articles located in the Library 19th Century U.S. Newspaper Databases, The American Yawp, and credible Internet resources like the History Channel and the Library of Congress.
  18. Students should prepare a basic cover sheet that will include the following:
    • Student’s Name
    • Title of the Paper
    • Course Information (i.e., HIST 1301:103 – 3-Week Mini 2021)
  19. DO NOT forget to include the Works Cited page (aka, REFERENCES page). This page will include the detailed information to at least four (4) references from the article and other sources. Please refer to the sample Turabian Style Format document for a visual reference.

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